Our Services

Why use LSM Architecture?

Building work can be an expensive and daunting prospect. How can you be sure that the end product will be something that you really want? If you don't employ the right people you risk wasting time, money and creating unnecessary stress.

We have the knowledge and expertise to make your project successful and rewarding.

LSM Architecture offer a personal service. Scott McAllister will be your point of contact throughout the project, building an understanding of your requirements and will be accountable for ensuring that the finished product is exactly the way you want it.

Our emphasis on imagination, creativity and an open-minded approach, means LSM will find the right solution for you. We will maximise the potential of your project while ensuring a cost effective design.

Our attention to detail provides value for money through efficient use of space, careful selection of materials and energy-efficient solutions which will provide long-term financial savings.

We will simplify the building process guiding you step by step along the way. This takes the stress, hassle and worry away.

Assumptions, confusion and misinterpretation of drawings can be very costly in the building industry. By working with 3D modelling software, LSM create your building in a virtual environment long before you start on site. Rather than trying to read a technical plan, you will be able to see your project in three dimensions, creating a much better understanding of the design and saving you time and money.

As a member of a professional body we are regulated to ensure that standards are upheld in the interest of the consumer.

If you don't know where to begin, we offer a free, no obligation consultation. We will assess your project, answer any questions you have, and give you a better idea of what is involved.

We offer competitive fixed price fees to ensure you do not exceed your budget.